Give three of Shannon’s characteristic of “Good”ciphers.

Question One
a. Give the idea of the principle of easiest Penetration. 2 marks
b. What is a port scan used for? 2 marks
c. Explain about the boot sector viruses. 3 marks
d. Explain five basic requirements for database security. 5 marks
e. Give three of Shannon’s characteristic of “Good”ciphers. 3 marks
f. Differentiate between hactivism and cyberterrorism. 4 marks

i. What is a web bug? 2 marks
ii. Give any other terms that could be used to refer to it. 1 marks
h. Threats can be viewed as being one of four kinds: interception, interruption,
modification, and fabrication. Explain the four terms and give examples thereof.
i) Interception 2 marks
ii. Interruption 2 marks
iii. Modification 2 marks
iv. Fabrication 2 marks

Question Two
a. Differentiate between encoding and enciphering. 4 marks
b. Compare secret key and public key encryption using five criteria. 8 marks
c. Differentiate between a cryptographer and crypto analyst. 4 marks
d. Give the properties of “trustworthy”encryption system. 4 marks





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