Gates, Speech at the UN General Assembly Document Commentary

Gates, Speech at the UN General Assembly Document Commentary

Assessment 2: The Document Commentary (50%) (1500 words) The Document Commentary provides you with an opportunity to deconstruct/analyse a key speech. Political leaders and experts use discourse to influence various groups and thereby construct a very specific approach to foreign policy making. This is often in conjunction with a major global event or international crisis. Students should select one of the key speeches listed below (links provided) and analyse its content.
Students should aim to achieve the following:

Provide a brief content outline
Identify the context(s) from which the speech originates
Analyse the speech in terms of its objectives while identifying its target audience(s)
Consider/evaluate whether events validated the central message presented
Demonstrate a sufficient use of academic sources to enhance the analysis
Write in a suitably academic manner
Be able to reference to an acceptable level using the Harvard APA system

You are expected to use an absolute minimum of six academic sources to reflect and supplement your analysis. You will fail this assignment if you use less than this number

Gates, Speech at the UN General Assembly, September 25th 2008

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