functions of hospitality

Strategic Alliances

Part 1


Consider this scenario:

When two travelers arrive at a restaurant it is quite busy and they are given an hour and a half wait time. After handing the hostess the card they were given by their hotel concierge, they are seated within five minutes, and provided a free appetizer.  The lighting and décor within the restaurant is stylish and inviting.  The staff is eager to answer questions and seem to enjoy their jobs.  The menu is understandable and the food itself is delightful.  Overall, the travelers enjoy their time at the restaurant and also learn that for each person the concierge sends to the restaurant, he, himself earns points for free dinners.

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper where you describe the functions of hospitality and compare that with your own experience within a restaurant. Include the following in your paper:

  • How you became aware of the restaurant and chose it
  • Parking availability
  • Appearance of the restaurant, inside and out
  • Wait-time
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Food quality and presentation
  • Other observations

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