Financial feasability study for Victoria's secret flagship store in Sydney

The Business Feasibility Study Report (group work) must be written as if students were external consultants to the organisation that would execute the project.
My part: financial feasability study.
Topic: Would it be financially feasible to open up a Victoria’s secret flagship store in Sydney’s Pitt st Mall?

Must include:
• Cost overview, summary of financial projections
• Income and cash flow projections, facility revenue and expenses, payroll summary, operations expenses,
• Financial forecast
• Break even estimate
• Pay back period
• Return on investment, how much investment needed and where does it come from?
• Financial – do they need to worry about cheaper rent?
Tables to show projections, profit and loss, payroll, operations, forecasting, pay back period etc
Pitt st Mall is on the top 5 list of the most expensive venues to rent a store. Average rent $12.496/sqm yearly.
Financial Projections
Balance Sheet Projections
Income Statement Projections
Cash Flow Projections
Break-even Analysis
Capital Requirements & Strategy
Recommendations & Findings


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