Financial consequences of using social media tools in B2B context

Financial consequences of using social media tools in B2B context. A consideration of positive and negative sides of the new social buyers.
Research Aim
The aim section will provide the main direction or exploration field of the research. The main aim of the research is to identify the how useful social media tools in the field of B2B (Business to Business) marketing and what the financial consequences could be made with consideration positive and negative sides.
Research Objectives

1. To explore the nature and drivers of new social buyer`s behaviour characterised by three characteristics:
• Age
• Gender
• Enticity
2. To identify both positive and negative sides of using social media tools in B2B context.
3. The identification of the growth and profitableness of social media tools in the field of: 1) Capital Intensive, 2) Labour and 3) Technology Intensives and B2B industries.
Suggested structure:
Structure The dissertation should not exceed 12,000 words (excluding abstract, references, tables, and figures, appendices).
• A title
• An introduction section that describes the research objectives of the dissertation with clear explanation of the research gaps as identified in the literature. It should also explain the context of research and its importance from theoretical and managerial points of views.
• A detailed literature review that includes critical analysis of key research papers in the chosen area. It should also provide detailed explanations of the research gaps in present literature, and identification of the research questions that addresses such research gaps. This chapter also needs to provide the conceptual research framework that can address the research issues and hypotheses with adequate literature justifications.
• A methodology chapter that provides detailed discussions of the research design issues relevant to the research objectives. This includes discussion about the data sources, sampling, and research instruments.
• A results chapter that provides detailed explanation of the results of data analysis.
• A conclusions chapter that describes the main findings of the study, and their implications for research and practice. This chapter also explains the limitations in the study and its future research scopes.

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