Expound on four rural initiatives you would carry out as strategies to bring development in a community

SECTION A: COMPULSORY Question (30 Marks).
You have been posted to your rural home by a Non-governmental organization you are
working for as a Rural Development Officer so as to help this community manage their
resources well.

1. (a) Analyze the following two characteristics of rural life that you would find so different from the urban life. (10 marks)

(i) General Environment and Orientation to Nature
(ii) Social mobility

(b) Briefly explain any four principles of rural development that would guide you as you develop this rural area. (8 marks)

(c) Rural development is a cyclic process which is characterized by four fundamental activities. Describe these four fundamental activities giving relevant examples. (12 marks)
SECTION B (40 Marks: Answer Any TWO Questions from this Section.

2. Expound on four rural initiatives you would carry out as strategies to bring development in a community. (20 marks)

3. One of the rural development dimensions is the social dimension. Discuss four components of this dimension that would help you to have an integrated approach to rural development.
(20 marks)

4. A certain NGO dealing with rural development ahs employed you in rural Nyanza to oversee development in this area. Discuss five ways of strengthening rural development in this area.
(20 marks)





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