Explore Online Ethics Center, Whistle-Blowing and summarize your findings

 Access “Online Ethics Center” at the National Academy of Engineering at:


Select one case each from “Computers and New Technology,” “Professional Practice,” “Responsible Research,” and “Safety and the Environment.”

Read the selected cases and be prepared to answer questions from classmates about them.

Prepare a list of the selected cases, and an outline of one of them along with your opinion.

Post your list of cases and the outline of one of them for the professor and your classmates.

  1. Access “Scientific Whistleblowers Stress That the Media Are a Last Resort.”

[A version of this article will be upload with PDF file]

Read the article

Prepare a commentary on this article.

Post your commentary.

  1. Access “Misconduct in Science,” “Fabrication in a Grant Application,” and “A Case of Plagiarism” at:

http://www.nap.edu/readingroom/books/obas/contents/misconduct.html (Starting at page 16)

Read the articles

Prepare a commentary on the articles and answer the questions posed at the end of “Fabrication in a Grant Application” and “A Case of Plagiarism.”

Post your commentary and answers.



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