Explain why it would be important to use interviews in data collection

1. a). Giving examples explain two different types of questions in questionnaires giving their advantages and disadvantages. (8mks)

b).Clearly discuss the tools that are used in participatory research. (10mks)

c). Explain why it would be important to use interviews in data collection. (7mks)

2. Clearly explain how you would solicit for funds to support a water project in your county. (15mks)

3. Explain why the Kenyan Government should allocate more funds for research. (15mks)

4. Discuss the importance of literature review in the process of writing a research proposal. (15mks)

5. Differentiate between the following terms: (15mks)

a) Qualitative and quantitative paradigms

b) Co-relation and causal-comparative methods

c) Probability and non probability sampling

d) Theoretical and conceptual framework

e) Justification and significance





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