.Explain what you understand by structured and unstructured questionnaires

1.Define the term Research(3marks)
2.State three specific objectives that would answer three commonly asked research questions.(3marks)
3.Give three elements of a good research proposal (3marks)
4.State and explain three common mistakes in research proposal writing (3marks)
5.Explain the following elements used in social studies;
a)Data by observation(1mark)
c)Informal conversations(1mark)
6.Discuss between self administered questionnaires and focused group discussions (3marks)
7.Explain what you understand by structured and unstructured questionnaires.(3marks)
8.Give three principles of experimental designs (3marks)
9.Explain how you would observe quality and professional ethics in a research of your choice.(3marks)
10.Explain what you understand by Research diaries(3marks)




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