Explain the role of the following people in a seminar i) Facilitators ii) Rapportuers iii) Discussants

1. a) Discuss two factors to consider when selecting a topic to be presented at a seminar. (4 marks)
b) You have been invited to present a paper at a seminar whose theme is “Progress in the nutritional management of Overweight and Obesity in Kenya.” Suggest titles of two papers that you could present at this seminar. (4 marks)
c) Differentiate between Oral presentations and Poster presentations. (4 marks)
d) Explain the precautions to take to ensure that an oral presentation is of high quality.
(12 marks)

2. a) Why is literature review necessary in the process of writing an academic paper? Give five reasons. (10 marks)
b) Explain three factors to consider when selecting sources of information to use in literature review.(6 marks)

c) Give four examples of primary sources of data. (4 marks)

3. a) Describe the following terms: (5 marks)

i) Abstract
ii) Bibliography
iii) References
iv) Citations
v) Acronyms

b) What factors should be taken into consideration when planning for a seminar? (10 marks)
c) Explain the role of the following people in a seminar. (7 marks)

i) Facilitators
ii) Rapportuers
iii) Discussants

d) Describe the Plan of Action that is usually developed at the end of a seminar. (4 marks)






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