Explain the process of creation of ozone holes

1)a. State and explain the two common measures of mortality in emergencies. (4 Marks)
b. State and briefly explain any three nutrition indices used for nutrition assessment during surveys.
(9 Marks)
c. Explain the differences between mortality survey and anthropometric surveys. (5 Marks)
d. The nutrition status of children 6 – 59 months is used as a proxy indicator for the general health
and well being of a community. Explain. (4 Marks)
e. Briefly explain four sources of preliminary information for health and nutrition assessment in
emergencies. (8 Marks)

2)Discuss the following emergency response programmes clearly stating the objective, target –
population and features of each:
a. Supplementary feeding programmes (8 Marks)
b. Therapeutic feeding programme (8 Marks)
c. General food distribution programme (4 Marks)



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