Explain the primary differences between ancient trade and modern trade

What is the significance of the Neolithic Revolution to the development of human civilization? 2. How did water play a crucial role in Neolithic settlements? 3. What are the common traits of ancient religion? What philosophical shifts do we find between polytheistic and monotheistic religious-systems? 4. How did the civilizations of Mesopotamia, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age set the stage for Greco-Roman Empires? 5. Examine the long-lasting legacy of Greek philosophy in world history 6. Compare the impact that Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan had on the developments of history. 7. What was the historical impact of the movement of the Huns and the Mongols? 8. Trace the legacy of the Roman Empire after its decline. What two successors maintained Roman practices long after Rome fell from the center of trade and politics? 9. How did Islamic scholarship spark the Italian Renaissance? 10. Why did Europe wait until the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to begin exploring the world? What elements had to occur before exploration was possible? 11. Describe the similarities among global religions that experienced a reformation during the sixteenth century. 12. What has been the traditional role of women in society throughout history? How does the wealth of a civilization affect the lives of women? 13. Explain the primary differences between ancient trade and modern trade using specific examples from the course. 14. What is legal pluralism? Provide at least two examples and explain the role of legal pluralism in history. 15. How do we know about Mesoamerican cultures whose historical records do not survive? Please provide specific examples about the Chavin, Olmec, Maya, Aztec, Teotihuacan, or Inca. 16. Why did the establishment of nation-states occur after the religious turmoil of the sixteenth century? What is the connection between the reforms and the growth of secular power? 17. Describe the role of Trial by Ordeal in the conviction of witchcraft. Is this a fair execution of justice? Why or why not? 18. Explain how Chinese religious like Confucianism and Taoism contributed to Chinese government. 19. What kinds of historical records exist outside of the written word? Give specific examples of civilizations that we have learned about using non-written sources. 20. Compare the government and social structure of Asian Empires to that of European Empires using at least two examples from each.

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