Explain the conditions for digestion of starch in the stomach.

SECTION A: Answer ALL Questions
Q1. Distinguish between mitosis and meiosis cell divisions [5marks]
Q2. Explain the functions of mitochondria in the cell. [ 5 marks]
Q3. Explain the features of a malignant tumor [ 5 marks]
Q4. Describe the different types of anemia [ 5 marks]
Q5. Explain why blood group O is a universal donor while AB is a universal acceptor. [ 5 marks]
Q6. Explain the conditions for digestion of starch in the stomach. [ 5 marks]

SECTION B: Answer TWO questions

Q7. a) Explain how peritoneal dialysis is carried out.
b) Draw a labeled cross section of the kidney.
c) Explain how the hormone angiogenesin controls the action of the kidney. [20 marks]
Q8. a) Distinguish between sympathetic and para sympathetic nerves systems.
b) Explain the mechanism of nerve impluse transmission.
c) Explain the causes of epileptic seizures and how they can be controlled by nutrition. [ 20 marks]
Q9. Write explanatory notes on each of the following:
a) The mechanism of ovulation
b) Diseases of the bone
c) Blood sugar level control
d) Spermatogenesis [20marks]




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