Explain the concept of molecular pharming and the associated benefits.

HBB 2415: TRANSGENIC PLANTS AND ANIMALS (45 Contact Hours)a) Course PurposeThis course covers a wide range of plants and animals which have been transformed toaddress the challenges associated with food security and medicine including strategiesof gene transfer.b) Course ObjectivesAt the end of this course, the student should be able to;1. Describe the different transgenic animals and plants generated to address specificchallenges2. Describe the different strategies used in gene transfer3. Explain the concept of molecular pharming and the associated benefits.c) Course DescriptionWeek 1 Introduction to transgenic plants and animalsDefinitions, history, reasons for transformations, other methods formodificationWeek 2 Strategies for gene transfer :in animals and plants; Stem cells, oocytes, sperms, protoplastWeek 3 Methods of gene transferMicroinjection, electroporation, viral transferWeek 4 Methods of gene transferLeaf disc transformation, particle bombardment, agrobacterium mediatedgene transferWeek 5 CAT 1Week 6 Case studies of transgenic animals:Increased milk production, improved nutrition, improved growth rate in;cattle, fish, sheep and poultry. Improved leather and wool in sheep.

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