Explain the 4Ps in powerpoint.

a) Explain at least three functions of barcodes in a supermarket. (6 marks)
b) Outline the steps of mail merging a document. (4 marks)
c) Giving an example of each differentiate hardware from software. (6 marks)
d) Compare and contrast between star and bus topologies. (10 marks)
e) What is the process of adding a header and footer in a document? (4 marks)
a) Give five advantages of using Ms.Excel in agribusiness. (5 marks)
b) How do you insert a doughnut chart in Ms Powerpoint? (3 marks)
c) Outline the procedure of creating a table of contents. (5 marks)
d) Differentiate between relative and absolute cell referencing. (2 marks)
a) Explain the 4Ps in powerpoint. (8 marks)
b) Differentiate RAM from ROM. (4 marks)
c) Explain the process of creating a relationship in MS Access. (3 marks)


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