Explain how to effectively and successfully manage for equity

You are employed within an organisation in the computer retail (products and games) industry. The organisation is planning a Professional Development seminar on ‘Workplace Diversity’ to be attended by all members of staff. Because of your interest and expertise in Workplace Diversity you have been asked to conduct research and use this to make a presentation at the seminar.

Individual assignment task (worth 18 marks):

The Professional Development seminar presentation will involve completing (1) to (4):

  1. Choose one of the following topics
    1. How to effectively and successfully manage for equity; OR
  1. How to effectively and successfully manage for cross-cultural sensitivity
  1. Use secondary data from your eBook and other relevant sources to create a list of six open-ended questions on that topic.
  2. Use these questions to collect primary data by interviewing three managers working in three different real life organisations within the computer retail industry. You will need to take a photo of 1) you and the business manager, and 2) their business card; both photos should be integrated into the powerpoint slides on pages 3 and 4.
IMPORTANT NOTE – Primary data collection:

As this assignment requires you to collect primary data, approval for this research has been granted by the Faculty Human Ethics Advisory Group. It is strongly suggested that you familiarise yourselves with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research, particularly section 2.2.1 ‘Guidelines for Consent’ paying particular attention to the section on informed and voluntary ‘free’ consent – see http://www.nhmrc.gov.au/guidelines/publications/e72.


  1. Make an oral presentation to staff, in which you discuss your questions derived from secondary data and the findings gained from your primary data (ensure you acknowledge your respondents). This presentation will include:
    1. Five (5 only) Power Point slides:
  1. Title slide, your name, your organisation, seminar name, event, date,
  2. Your list of 6 open-ended questions (with citations) from the secondary data
  3. Main points from your primary data, questions 1-3
  4. Main points from your primary data, questions 4-6
  5. References (cited sources)
  • Maximum total word count for slides 2-4 (excluding citations) = 100 words
    1. A three-minute oral voiceover to accompany the slides in which you discuss the topic, your questions and your data


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