Explain how operations of the Stock Exchange affect the economic life of a country

1(a)Explain factors you would consider in choosing a form of business organization.(15 marks)
(b)Highlight constraints to the growth and development of small scale enterprises in Kenya(10 marks)

2(a)Explain why you would prefer collective bargaining process rather than industrial court hearing.(15 marks)
(b)Highlight the role of a Human Resource Department in a dynamic organization.(10 marks)

3(a)Explain how macro-environmental forces influence managerial decisions.(10 marks)
(b)Justify a parastatal form of business as a formal organization(10 marks)

4.(a)Explain the relative advantages of Big Business concern(15 marks)
(b)Highlight the principle advantages of a Limited Liability company form of business organization(10 marks)

5.(a)Explain how operations of the Stock Exchange affect the economic life of a country(15 marks)
(b)Highlight on marketing mix elements.(10 marks)

6.(a)Explain the basic functions of production control(15 marks)
(b)Highlight barriers to international trade.(10 marks)










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