Explain FIVE causes of drug abuse among high school students

1. Define the following terms:
a) Behavioral disorders
b) Autism
c) Development norms
d) Bipolar disorder
e) Behavior management
f) Personality disorders
g) Pro-social behavior (17.5 marks)
2. (a) Discuss FIVE specific causes of behavioral disorders in adolescents. (10 marks)
(b) Explain FOUR types of anxiety disorders manifested by students. (7.5 marks)
3. (a) Explain FIVE early signs of psychosis. (7.5 marks)
(b) Discuss FIVE techniques a teacher can use to modify behavior among students. (10 marks)
4. (a) Being a new student in High school can be challenging. Discuss FIVE causes of challenges the new student faces in school. (7.5 marks)
(b) Explain FIVE ways of managing the challenges you have mention above as a school counsellor to help new students to adjust in school. (10 marks)
5. (a) Explain FIVE causes of drug abuse among high school students in Kenya. (7.5 marks)
(b) Discuss FOUR approaches a teacher can use to treat students abusing drugs. (10 marks)
6. (a) Discuss FIVE typical behaviors of students with contact disorder. (7.5 marks)
(b) Explain FIVE ways you can use to manage destructive behavior among students. (10 marks)





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