Examine the causes of conflicts in the post-cold war period war era

Instructions: Answer any FOUR questions. Each question carries 17.5 Marks.
1. Explain the following concepts:
i. Conflict Prevention
ii. Conflict Management
iii. Conflict Resolution
iv. Conflict Analysis.
2. Discuss the role of the African Union (AU) in conflict management.
3. Examine the strategies Kenya has employed in addressing conflicts in the East African Union.
4. The United Nation (UN) Charter provides for the use of methods for the ‘pacific’ settlement of disputes and by extension conflicts. Discuss in detail any FIVE such methods with relevant examples.
5. Analyze the major tenets of one of the theory of conflicts.
6. Examine the causes of conflicts in the post-cold war period war era.
7. Analyze the major methods applied in conflict management and how they help to address conflicts cycles. Give examples
8. Assess the role of humanitarian intervention in conflict management.





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