environmental sustainability

designing and developing a plan that will enable improved management and monitoring of an environmental issue.

Select an idea, improvement or opportunity that would be of benefit to a team or an organisation. This must be a concept that is suited to application and could be submitted, for approval, to senior management.

Describe and define the idea/suggestion and give clear and succinct reasons for initiating and implementing the plan.

You will need to address all of the questions:

  1. What is the current situation?
  2. What is the desired situation?
  3. What is your idea/ suggestion/ plan?
  4. How will this close the gap between the current situation and the desired situation?
  5. Who will your plan benefit?
  6. How will it benefit the various stakeholders?
  7. Why should the organisation support it? (Consider qualitative and quantitative benefits, costs, public relations and safety.)
  8. What resources and what personnel would be involved in developing, implementing and monitoring the planned improvement?
  9. What procedures would you use to ensure that the project was sponsored and supported by the organisation?
  10. Whose authorisation would you need in order to go ahead with your plan?
  11. How will your plan contribute to environmental sustainability?
  12. How would you determine performance expectations?
  13. How will you monitor the operation of the plan?
  14. How will you measure its success? (What measurement processes will you use and what will you measure its success against?)
  15. What measures will you benchmark your plan against?
  16. How would you design and develop risk management and contingency plans, and cater for any WHS issues?
  17. How will you ensure compliance with environmental legislation and industry codes of practice?

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