emotional and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents

General Anxiety Disorder in Children.you will examine various topics related to developmental psychopathology, including emotional and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents.

  • Select a topic of interest to you from the developmental psychopathology topics covered in the course.
  • Research and critique 15–20 scholarly articles related to the selected topic.
  • Select 8–10 articles that are most relevant to your topic.
  • Create an Annotated Bibliography by annotating each article you selected.
  • Limit each annotation to one paragraph. Each annotation should include the purpose of the study and the findings of each article.
  • Write a one-page introduction to introduce the topic and explain your interest in the topic.
  • Write 4–6 pages of annotation text.
  • Write 1–2 page observation/implication paper. Synthesize the arguments and ideas of the scholars who contributed to your topic.

The Annotated Bibliography should contain a minimum of 20 references. The Annotated Bibliography should focus on a major childhood disorder. At least 10 of the references should relate to treatment or treatment issues of your selected disorder.

Project should be a total of 6–9 pages in length, which includes the 1-page for the introduction, 4–6 pages for the annotated bibliography, and 1–2 pages for the observation/implication paper.



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