Effective Youth Employment Policies that demonstrates critical acumen in analyzing relevant research literature.

Write an annotated bibliography & literature review that reflects the depth of your knowledge on Effective Youth Employment Policies that demonstrates your critical acumen in analyzing relevant research literature.

The Annotated Bibliography section of the paper will indicate what and how much you’ve read and reviewed. It consists of an alphabetic listing (in APA format) and annotation for all the research articles critically read and analyzed on the topic. It does not include every article you’ve skimmed or read the abstract for provided in a database or on the web. The Literature Review section of the paper will demonstrate your ability to select and integrate a body of relevant literature that provides the foundation for further research. The Literature Review section begins with an introduction which describes the nature of the topic/problem/issue you are reading about, a description of the criteria you used to select the articles included in the literature review (inclusion criteria), an integrated critical analysis of the most pertinent articles you’ve reviewed and a reference list in APA format that includes every article or information resource mentioned in the literature review section of your paper.

Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography portion of the paper is essentially your notes on all the articles you read on your topic of interest during this seven week time frame. Think of this as a record of what you’ve read. For each article read provide the following information:
 Correct APA reference citation (can be used to create reference list for literature review)
 Problem/issue addressed in the study
 Purpose of the study
 Questions or Hypotheses
 Study methodology (kind of research design/methodology used)
 Participants/sampling procedure used.
 Variables and their measurement/reliability and validity of measures
 Findings/Results
 Conclusions drawn by the researcher(s). Are the conclusions valid?
 Strengths & Weaknesses of Study
 Notations of any quotes or other material you might use in description of the problem, need for the research you are thinking about conducting, or in literature review itself.
 Questions you had after reading the study……..

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