Effective organizational change.

This assignment focuses on personal change and requires you to consider how your own personal
readiness and responsiveness may impact on your ability to support effective organizational change.

Your discussion should:
 Examine the nature of change in the current environment
 Explore the factors influencing an individuals’ capacity for change in terms of skills,
attributes, qualities, behaviors etc. and the implications for personal readiness for change
 Identify your personal responsiveness to change utilising a range of Inventories,
questionnaires etc. and assess the implications for your ability to support or lead
organizational change

This should be in the form of a reflective report of 2500 words (+/- 10%).
This Report should have the following components:

 Executive summary – a précis or summary of the whole report
 Contents Page – with main sections and page numbers
 Introduction – objectives and structure of report
 Methodology – how you collected the data, type of literature accessed, what inventories
used etc.
 Findings/Discussion – divided into subsections, integrates theory and practice
 Conclusions
 Appendices – a summary of key results from inventories, questionnaires etc.

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