effect of IMM on student engagement and academic achievement in year 10 biology students

Quantitative Research Scenario

One of the major concerns of educators and parents alike is the decline in student achievement (as measured by standardised tests). An area of particular concern is science education where high level thinking skills and problem solving techniques so necessary in our technological society need to be developed. Research is constantly providing new methods for teachers to use and one approach is termed Interactive Multi Media (IMM). IMM provides teachers with an extensive amount of information in a number of different formats including text, sound and video, making it possible to appeal to different learning styles. The proposed research is to investigate the effect of IMM on student engagement and academic achievement in year 10 biology students.


  1. Describe and justify the type of quantitative research design you would adopt for this investigation.
  2. Write three appropriate research questions to guide the proposed investigation.
  3. Identify the ethical issues involved. What action would need to occur to ensure the investigation conforms to the recommended ethical principles for conducting educational research.
  4. Based on your written research questions identify and classify the variables contained in the research.
  5. Comment on the sampling process you would use to enable generalisability to Science teaching at year 10 level.
  6. What data would need to be collected and what instruments could be used to collect such data.
  7. What approach to quantitative data analysis would you adopt and why?
  8. What operating factors might affect the internal validity of the investigation and how might these be controlled for? Marks: 50% Maximum length: 3000 words

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