Draw and illustrate the generalised structure of an angiosperm flower

1Draw and illustrate the generalised structure of an angiosperm flower (8mks )
2.what do you understand by the term aestivation?state and draw two aestivation you have studied in class .(5mks)
3.Syntype,Holotype and Paratypes are forms of type specimens .Describe them. (3mks )
4. State and describe one root and stem modification and reason for its modification (6mks )
5. Carolous Linnaeus is named the father of modern Botany. Why ?(2mks )
6.Describe using suitable diagrams three type of leaf apices(6mks )
7.Describe the features of scientific nomenclatural name (5mks )
8.Describe four features of floral formula you have studied in class (4mks )
9.State and describe any two racemose types of inflorescence you know (4 mks )
10.Name and describe any two types of pinnately compound leaves (4mks )
11.Using well labelled diagram describe the structure of angiosperm leaf (7mks )




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