Distinguish between a microkernel and a layered operating system structures.

Question One (30 Marks)

Give any five reasons why a parent process may terminate a child process.

(5 marks)

Differentiate between the following terms as used in operating systems

DMA and polling

(3 marks)

Shared and message passing systems

(3 marks)

Distinguish between a microkernel and a layered operating system structures.

(4 marks|)

Describe the function of the following commands as used in UNIX


(2 marks)


(2 marks)


(2 marks)

Describe the term “Zombie process” as used in operating systems and explain how UNIX manages Zombie processes

(5 marks)

Explain the concept of segmentation as used in Memory Management.

(4 marks)

Question Two (15 marks)

Compare the following as used in file systems

Direct and sequential file access

(2 marks)

Linked and contiguous allocation

(2 marks)

Consider the Read file C) function in the WIN32 API below

Bool ReadFileC (HANDLE File

LPVOID buffer,

DWORD bytes To Read,

LPDWORD bytes Read,


Provide a brief description of the parameters passed to Read file function (5 marks)

Describe any three advantages of cooperating processes during interprocess communication

(6 marks)




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