Discuss the typologies of forest conservation according to Eckersley (1992)

1. Define the following terms:
a. Forest
b. Forestry
c. Agroforestry (3*2=6 marks)
2. A forest can be characterised qualitatively or quantitatively.
a. Distinguise between these two terms. (4 marks)
b. Give two examples for each type of characterisation. (4 marks)
3. What are the two major driversbof change in forestry? (4 marks)
a. Define REDD. (2 marks)
b. Name threebimportant international conventions, and state why Kenya should be a signatory to international agreements. (8 marks)
a. What do you understand by the term forest value? (4 marks)
b. Name any four forest values that you know. (8 marks)

6. Discuss the contribution made by John Muir (1838-1914) and Clifford Pinchot (1865-1946) in the conservation of natural resources today. (10 marks)
7. Discuss the typologies of forest conservation according to Eckersley (1992). (10 marks)
8. Forestry has been understood to be a profession for over three decades.
a. State the characteristica common to most peofessions. (5 marks)
b. The Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK) is the professional society for foresters in Kenya. List any five items or rules in the code of ethics that members of FSK must uphold. (5 marks)
9. Using examples, discuss the concept of multiple use forestry.





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