Discuss the role of marriage in the formation of the family.

1. Using examples, discuss the extent to which the family is universal.
2. a) Discuss the role of marriage in the formation of the family.
b) What function does marriage perform in society
3. Define incest taboo and explain:
a) How it may have evolved as a universal human institution.
b) The functions it performs.
4. Discuss the various dimensions of the family which in one way or another justify its existence in society
5. Explain the factors that have given rise to the large African family ideal.
6. Distinguish between bride wealth and dowry. Taking bride wealth or dowry as an example, what functions do these play, more particularly in African societies?
7. In what ways are decent, authority, residence and inheritance patterns related, especially, in African societies.
8. Discuss some of the factors that have resulted into marriage and family instability in a society your familiar with.



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