discuss the legacy of enslavement on African peoples and their descendants in the African diaspora.



Due Date – Monday, Nov. 05th (Hist. 350.101) & Thurs., Nov. 10th (Hist. 360.001, 002 & 003)




NOTE:This project is a Compulsory Course Requirement.Each student, without exception, must complete the Research Paper/Essay Assignment in order to successfully complete the course/class.




TOPIC/THEME:The Abolition of the “Atlantic Slave Trade” and/or “Slavery”: An important theme/area in the study of the African Diaspora is the Abolition of Slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Abolition freed tens of thousands of enslaved Africans in many societies in which the British, French, Dutch and Spanish slave holders held African peoples in colonies in the New World against their will. These Africans were forced into enslavement in societies such as the United States, the Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Jamaica and Barbados and in the Dutch colony of Suriname, as well as in Brazil under Portuguese rule. Why after over three hundred years of enslavement and inhumane treatment were the enslaved Africans finally set free from bondage? Why and how did the slave trade that ferried African victims across the Atlantic Ocean suddenly come to an end?  Who were the people responsible for these monumental changes? What factors motivated their actions? What role, if any, did the enslaved workers play in their own freedom? What tactics were employed in this effort to free enslaved workers?


This semester’s focus for the research assignment is on abolition of the slave trade and in the abolition of the institution of slavery. Students are expected to write an essay on any aspect of abolition. Students can discuss how and why abolition came about in any of the slave societies. Students are expected to discuss the factors that led to abolition. How were plantation owners still able to maintain control over the social, economic and political aspects of the varying societies?

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This essay provides a historical examination on abolition and its immediate and long term consequences and challenges for the former enslaved workers. Students can also discuss the legacy of enslavement on African peoples and their descendants in the African diaspora.




The following terms must be used, defined and included or incorporated within the text of the essay, preferably in the introduction: Diaspora, Abolition, Emancipation, Progress, Humanity, Adversity and Resilience. Students are expected to incorporate these terms within the context of the essay and express their meaning within the context of the essay.

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