Discuss the factors influencing wetlands encroachment in kenya.

. Define the following terms: (10marks)
– Biogeography
– Natural hazards
– Desertification
– Wetlands
– Minerals
2a). Describe the classification of sedimentary rocks. (6marks)
b). Giving examples name any two types of hazards. (4marks).
3. Explain how the following factors influence climate of a region.
– Warm ocean current (2marks)
– Latitude (2marks)
– Altitude (2marks)
Answer any two questions from this section.
4. Discuss factors that contribute to increasing human occupancy of hazard zones (20marks).
5. Discuss challenges of planning resources in Arid and Semi Arid Lands. (20marks).
6. Describe how the atmosphere may be divided on the basis of vertical temperature differences and give characteristics on each layer.
7. Discuss the factors influencing wetlands encroachment in kenya.
8. Discuss the structure of the earth giving the characteristics of each layer.



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