Discuss the attributes that makes water special and highlight its relevance

1.Using examples,identify and explain modes of water utilization by man
2.Explain what you understand from”anomalous behaviour of water”.
3.What does ”critical loading” concept mean?
4.List three ways in which the critical loading of a water body can be enhanced.
5.With respect to water resource planning and management,explain why natural inland water bodies are better suitable as sources of freshwater than are man-made reservoirs.
6.Identify and distinguish between the various types of aquifers.
7.Water demand and water supply are key considerations that underlie water resource planning.Distinguish between the two.
8.Reservoirs,such as dams,play a key role in stabilizing water supply.Explain three environmental risks associated with dams.
9.List three ways that can help reduce water demand in the agriculture,industrial and domestic users.
10.Define eutrophication and list two main nutrients associated with it.
Section B:answer any two questions
1.Water supply shortage is one among major water resource management problems.Discuss ways that may yield water scarcity /shortages in a given locality and what can be done to ameliorate them(20marks)
2.Critically discuss approaches available for water management (20marks)
3.Discuss the attributes that makes water special and highlight its relevance(20marks)
4.Understand of the hydrological cycle is inevitable in water resource planning.In special regard to this,discuss ways in which man can interfere with the hydrological cycle and its potential impacts on water supply (20marks)






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