discuss phenomenological research design and basically what it is and how it is used.

Question descriptionPlease provide a 150-200 word response to the question and please use at least 1 reference. Also please cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info for reference if applicable.Two of the articles I have chosen for the literature review assignment are different from the ones I have been using, as they do not deal with my topic directly, but research designs instead. As I have been working on assignments, I realized that one area I was weak in my understanding was design choices. Two articles I have chosen discuss phenomenological research design and basically what it is and how it is used. The articles will help me proceed, as the more I understand research designs, the better able I will be to formulate mine for my dissertation. One of the articles by Groenewald (2004) uses a study that used phenomenology design to better illustrate how the design is used and its core principles. The second article, by Moustakas (1994), described in rich detail how to horizonalize data in a qualitative study. The last article for my reflection is one by Rovai (2002) that discusses building a sense of community in the online classroom. This last study will help me proceed, as my topic deals directly with building a sense of connectedness in the virtual classroom.

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