Directors and business partners are not covered by business dishonesty option” discuss

a) What is the significance of a course unit on risk management and insurance to students of commerce at university level?
(2 marks)
b) Define risks and using examples distinguish pure and liability risks.
(2 marks)

c) Distinguish between physical and moral hazards and explain how the hazards could jeopardize insurability of property.
(3 marks)
d) Mrs. M insured her car at a cost of sh. 450000 on comprehensive car policy for period 1st Jan 2011 to Dec 31 2011.if the car is stolen on 4th Jan 2012 how much money should the insurance co. Pay Mrs. ?Explain
(2 marks)
e) On March 10 2011 Mr. Okay bought a fire policy of 950000to cover business stock for over a year. Thieves broke into the shop on 11th Sept 2011 and stole stock valued at 750000. How much money will the insurer pay? Explain
(2 marks)

f) Mr. K has a comprehensive car policy with J insurance co. for the period 1/1/2011 to31/12/2011. His car was stolen on 10/10/2011. However at that time j co. was under receivership. Suggest what could happen to J`s claims. (2 marks)

g) Ms. N insured her car against theft with W insurance Co. for the period Jan 1,2011 to Dec 31,2011.the car was stolen on 23rd October 2011.W indemnified N by cash settlement. However, on Feb. 2012 the stolen car was recovered by police and M got to know about it. Who should take ownership of the car and why? (2 marks)


a) Define life assurance and using the mortality curve discuss the application of the probability of death concept to life assurance.( 4 marks)

b) Distinguish between whole life and endowment policy and discuss benefits of each type.(4 marks)

c) With respect to motor vehicle insurance explain what you understand by third party car policy.(2 marks)

d) Suggest any two reasons that could lead to the cancelation of motor vehicle policy by insurance co.(2 marks)

e) Define employee dishonesty and suggest strategies to manage employee dishonesty in organizations.(4 marks)

f) Directors and business partners are not covered by business dishonesty option” discuss(4 marks)


Write an essay on either

a) “the importance of insurance to the development of business and society”(20 mark)

b) “challenges facing the insurance industry in Kenya and strategies to manage and challenge”(20 marks)









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