different political development of india and Pakistan

different political development of india and Pakistan


The book i would like you to refer to is: India, Pakistan, and Democracy: Solving the Puzzle of Divergent Paths by Philip Oldenburg. the specific pages are, 1-14, 21-34, 53-62, 77-87, 130-134 and 145-161. Below I will specify what each chapter should cover:
paragraph 1: Elaborate on Indias and Pakistan current political situation
paragraph 2: why these two countries differ by structural and leadership aspects
paragraph 3: Oldenburg’s thoughts on past leaders for both countries
paragraph 4: the counter argument- how and why this is NOT a cultural or religion issue.
paragraph 5: conclusion
IMPORTANT: In text citation for both quotes and paraphrasing should INCLUDE the page number that it was taken from.

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