Describe the symptoms and diagnostic procedures related to endometriosis.

1.Compare digestive differences of the child and the older adult.

2. Discuss the fundamental elements that are used to build medical words.

3. Explain the vital function of the urinary system. Give an example of an illness that reflects the dysfunction of the urinary system function.

4. Describe the anatomical structures of the ear, then discuss common conditions where the structure plays a part in the diagnosis.

5. Discuss word root, prefix, suffix, and combining form in relation to determining the meaning of medical terms.

6. Explain how a phonetically spelled pronunciation guide would aid you to pronounce medical words or phrases correctly. Give at least 3 examples of medical words that would have a different meaning if pronounced incorrectly. What negative effects could take place mispronouncing these 3 words have on patients?

7. Describe the major organs within the respiratory system, how they work together to perform the major functions of the system, and at least 2 illnesses related to the system.

8. Identify the components and functions of each primary organ or structure in the urinary system and explain the flow of urine from each of the primary organs and structures. What type of conditions can occur if any of the primary organs or structures does not function properly

9. Explain the role that the organs or structures of the endocrine system play in an individual who has diabetes mellitus.

10. Describe the conditions under which a physician might order a mammogram for a patient other than for a routine examination.

11. Describe the symptoms and diagnostic procedures related to endometriosis.

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