Describe the components of an instruction cycle and explain with justification the idea of interrupts and how interrupts are supported.

Question One (30 Marks)

Using an illustrative diagram as necessary, describe the characteristics and components of a programmable machine based on the Von-Neumann model.

(5 marks)

Write brief comparative notes on the bus and the central switch based system interconnection structures.

(5 marks)

Outline the internal organization of the hard-disk using the terms cylinder, head, track and sector.

(4 marks)


Briefly explain the role of the cached memory in a typical computer system.

(2 marks)

Provide a convincing argument that the presence of an appropriate sized cache results in overall system performance enhancement

(3 marks)

Briefly explain instruction pipelining as a performance enhancement technique.

(3 marks)

Superscalar architectures endeavor to exploit instruction level paradism (ILP). Explain

(3 marks)

Using an illustrative diagram explain the shared disk multi-computer cluster architecture. Also, explain the objectives of highly available server and fault tolerant server design approaches.

(5 marks)

Question Two (20 marks)





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