Describe how a sunshine Recorder Works?

1.a.State the main features of a stevenson screen.(2marks)
b.Clearly describe the function of the stevenson screen in a weather station.(2marks)
c.Describe the sitting and orientation of the stevenson screen in a weather station.(6marks)
2.Write short notes on;
a.Synoptic,climatological,agricultural and aviation meteorological stations.(8marks)
b.The working principle of a radar system.(2marks)
3.a)Differentiate between sunshine duration and solar radiation?(2marks)
b)Describe how a sunshine Recorder Works?(4marks)
c)Give an account of sources of measurement errors peculiar to radiometers.(4marks)
4.In reference to the meteorological variables that are important in air pollution studies,describe how instruments should be sited and explain the importance of proper instrument siting.(10marks)





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