Define the following terms: i. Neuston ii. Halocline iii. Biofouling

1. With the aid of a well labeled diagram illustrate the profile of the pelagic and ecological zones of a marine ecosystem.
2. In about three sentences describe the salinity of sea water.
3. Define the following terms:
i. Neuston
ii. Halocline
iii. Biofouling
4. Briefly describe how you would recover the following groups of microorganisms from marine ecosystems:
i. Methanogens
ii. Damaged cells
iii. Oligotrophic bacteria
5. Bacteria genera are indigenous to the marine environment. Name three genera of bacteriathat are nitrate oxidizing bacteria.
6. How are marine microorganisms been utilized in biotechnology?
7. How does solubility of CO2 in marine environments influence the survival of marine microorganisms?
8. Distinguish between the taxonomic composition of microorganisms in terms of number on the surface and in the gastro intestinal tract of marine fish.
9. Illustrate temperature stratification In marine environments.
10. How are microbial numbers on marine plants estimated and what factors influence the populations.







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