data analysis and planning. strategy recommending

Project Assignment:

The County Fair has usually been held in mid July each year. I wonder if this is the best time? Your committee will need to analyze all the data to determine when to have the fair and how much to charge. For the county fair to at least break even your committee will need to determine the price of the various events. While the space for the fair was donated, you still have to pay for set up and take down, clean up each day, security, parking attendants, and other services. The vendors who will sell food will set the prices for individual items but you need to determine how much you will charge each vendor for the amount of space you are allowing them. To make the best determination for the fair, you will first need to analyze the data that has been collected from previous fairs. This includes number of people attending, weather that would affect attendance and ticket sales, ticket sales, vendor fees collected, and other data. Use your plan from the Task to help you.

Step-by-step directions to complete this task are in the worksheet:

Analyze the data tables on the worksheet, answering the questions for each one.
After you have completed all the analysis and answered all the questions on the worksheet, you are ready to make some recommendations on the following:
Price to charge vendors
Small food vendors
Large concession stand food vendors including food trucks
Number of rides, types of rides, and number of projected tickets needed to be sold to increase the income from rides by 1.75

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