Critically evaluate inequity and social exclusion issues facing people belonging to your chosen disability group

Assessment Aim
The aim of your assignment is to write a report and construct a set of solutions (recommendations) that demonstrates your understanding of equity in access for people with a disability. As part of your report, you must address the following criteria using appropriate literature to support your discussion:
1. Critically evaluate inequity and social exclusion issues facing people belonging to your chosen disability group and the impact this has on the health of the people belonging to this group.
2. Identify the issue of inequity (community access barrier) that requires addressing in the authentic task below and explain why the problem is a human rights issue.
3. Discuss the impact of health policy (national, state, or local government, or organisational) on health outcomes for the chosen vulnerable group in relation to your identified community access barrier.
Task Description
In the first instance, the main focus of this task is the written report, and the task description here, is simply to provide a context on which to base your report.
As a professional nurse and advocate for human rights, as well as a concerned community member, you are involved in a council led project that is looking to improve social inclusion for persons with disabilities in your local community. You have been asked to conduct an audit of one of the communities’ facilities. Your task is to inspect the facility for ease of access for a person with a disability,identify the problems (access barriers), and write a report on your findings. Your report will be collated with others of the project team and used to inform policy.
Inspecting the chosen facility
IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that when you are performing the “audit” of your local community area, that you are the “face” of CQUniversity and are required to act responsibly and professionally in this way. In addition, whilst you are expected to complete a virtual tour of the facility, this is an assessment task only – the findings are not to be made public. You are not to approach management of the facility with your findings.
You are to choose 1 (one) location and 1 (one) disability group; and identify at least 1 (one) access barrier (problem or issue), and at least 1 (one) related policy in order to fulfil the requirements of this assessment task.
The environment you choose will be in your local area. Please choose from 1 (one) of the following:
? Local shopping centre
? Facility where you work
? Local library
? Local community centre
Please choose 1 (one) of the following disability groups:
? Vision impairment (requiring guidedog)
? Hearing impairment (requiring Auslan communication)
? Physical disability (wheelchair-bound)
? Intellectual disability
You are also asked to use the Australian Human Rights Commission access guidelines checklist to identify at least one of the 6 (six) ‘Indicators of Access to Buildings and Services’ listed that affects access and use of the facility you have chosen for a person with a disability from your chosen disability group (above). The checklist is a guide only – no need to submit as part of your assignment.

When addressing the assignment topic you will need to use contemporary literature (mostly <5 years) to support your discussion. It is expected that you will write in the third person, read widely around the topic and correctly reference your paper using the APA referencing style.

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