Create an approach to early years care and education that exemplifies your understanding of a postmodern approach to early childhood pedagogy

On the basis of knowledge gained in the course, create an approach to early years care and education that exemplifies your understanding of a postmodern approach to early childhood pedagogy. In other words, if you were able to create the ideal program based on the things you learned in this course, what would that program be like? You are encouraged to write in the first person. You can tie in ideas from early learning programs such as Early Head Start, Montessori, HighScope, Waldorf, Té Wháriki, Full Day Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten (for example: “I would like to use natural toys and materials without distinct characteristics much like the toys that Waldorf schools use in their classrooms”. Research these early learning frameworks and incorporate thier ideas. You are to clearly align your paper with the following criteria:

1. Your paper will discuss the following and use appropriate headings to guide the reader (each section is to be 300-500 words)
a) Philosophical/theoretical underpinnings
b) Views of children and childhood
c) Approach to learning and assessment
d) Family and community connections
e) Role of the early childhood practitioner
f) Attitudes towards inclusion and diversity
g) Use of/connection to environment and setting

2. It is expected that in each section listed above you will integrate one short quote, one long quote, and one secondary source citation taken from the course text by Dahlberg, Moss, and Pence (2013); other sources are also encouraged to be used

3. You will integrate learning from 3 SPECIFIC early childhood programs/approaches.

***I will upload a link for the full textbook Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Postmodern Perspectives that you will be using for quotes for each section!***

Here are the three early years programs/approaches you will be incorporating:

1. Scotland Early Years Framework:

2. British Columbia Early Learning Framework:

3. Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Domains:……….

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