. Contrast and compare daily life both secular and religious in S.E Asia to the daily life of India and China.

1. Write an essay that answers the following two questions and submit in drop box. Use 12 font, 1 1/2″ margins double space. A comprehensive answer is expected.
1. Discuss some of the reasons why the major centers of African development played such prominent roles in the rise of civilization there.
2. Contrast and compare daily life both secular and religious in S.E Asia to the daily life of India and China.
Link to my class history book!
FORMAT: You will earn points simply by following these directions:!!.
*Factual Correctness 50%
*Organization 15%
*Argument 25%
*Composition 10%
(2) Length: Minimum 2 pages.
(3) Use standard accepted college style format such as A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and be consistent throughout your paper. (essentially Chicago style).
(4) Include a title page and bibliography. You must have a minimum of 4 references in your bibliography, in addition to your textbook if used. You may have more, and they must be alphabetized.
(5) FOOTNOTES: If you copy something from a source indicate it as a quote and use aappropriate footnotes to indicate its source. You may use footnote format either on each ppage or at the end of the text as a list of endnotes. IE: DO NOT USE PARENTHETICAL NNOTES (notes in parenthesis within the text.) This is a formal research papers and sshould be written like one.
(6). The last pages in your paper will be the bibliography page and the end notes for your notes (if you chosse this form of notes).
Citation: Any work that has used direct quotes or paraphrase of someone else’s work or words, must be referenced or cited with the use of either a footnote or end note and the source also listed in the bibliography (works cited) page at the end of the paper. See reference style sheet located here in Bb for examples of these for various types of references. A printed copy of this style manual is available at both the NPC and GC library in reference It is also available online. If you do not understand how to do this after reading information, ask.

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