Constructa comprehensiveliteraturesummarytable(landscape view) based

• Constructa comprehensiveliteraturesummarytable(landscape view) based
on the best, mostcurrent evidence-based research surrounding your proposed phenomenonof interest.
• Includeimportantinformation (i.e.,theyearof publication;author,title,and journal;purpose; design [descriptive,systematicreview,observational, etc.]/sample;results/recommendations&limitations). Also,includethelevel of evidenceand gradeof recommendations basedon thecriticalappraisalof theresearch (see below).
• Includetheliteraturesummarytableasanappendix.

Critical Appraisalof theResearch
• Identifythelevelofevidenceand gradethestrengthof recommendations using commonly used grading tool(s)inthefield of evidence-based practice.
• Includethelevelof evidenceand grading tool(s)asanappendix.
The prevalence of diabetes is not uniform; indeed, Hispanics in the US have a much higher prevalence of diabetes than their Caucasian counterparts (American Diabetes Association, 2016; Schneiderman et al., 2014). Lack of diabetes awareness (Bhargava, Wartak, Friderici, & Rothberg, 2014), lack of physical activity (Qi et al., 2015) and associated obesity (Wang & Beydoun, 2007) have been blamed for the high diabetes prevalence rate in this population. These are all barriers to self-care that could be overcome with effective targeted education (Gucciardi, Chan, Manuel, & Sidani, 2013). Therefore, the program will focus on increasing knowledge of dietary planning,physical activity and medication adherence.

Literature review on lack of knowledge of dietary planning, physical activity and medication adherence on the Hispanic / latino adult diabetic patient.
Hispanic and Latino belief
Evidence Supporting Culturally Tailored Diabetes Education Intervention in Hispanic Latino . please


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