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Computer science involves studies, developments, and researches about computers. Basically, computers are machines that accept information in the form of instruction, process those instructions, and give feedback in the form of a complete task. So, computers are designed to make life easier. However, computers come with complexities that require users to learn for effective use. With respect to such, ours is to provide needed computer science assignment help.

The general concept of computers

In this modern world, computers are being used everywhere. Homes, work-places, and generally every place are influenced by computers. Now, as it is with human beings, computers require communication to work together. As well, there must be a channel of communication between the computers and their users (human beings). Communications between computers employs computer networks while communications between computers and users employ user interfaces.

Computer language

People use languages to communicate. For instance, this article communicates to you through a language called English. So, using the English language, people are able to communicate and work together effectively and efficiently. As well, computers have their languages (machine languages). This is the language that the machine understands and obeys. Machine language is complex for human and therefore, they use high-level languages to communicate to the machines.

Programming languages

Programmers use programming languages to write instructions for the machine, these instructions are written in form of lines of code. Lines of code make up a program. The machine uses a compiler to interpret these programs into machine language so that it can get processed. The different types of programming languages include C, C++, Python, Java, PhP, JavaScript, and HTML. So, compilers can be perceived as the interface between programming languages and machine language.

Computer applications and software

Lines of code written by programmers can be arranged to form a program. The program can be executed to perform a certain task. Several programs can be brought together to perform a number of tasks. This may be called software or an application. A program may be made of a single line of code to millions of lines of code. Examples of software may include operating systems (OS) e.g. windows, mac, XP, and Linux. Application software examples include Microsoft office, gamming applications, and so on.

Computer users do not communicate instructions to computers using programming languages or machine language. It would be extremely tedious and complex. So, user friendly applications provide user interfaces which make it easier for people to communicate with the machines. User interfaces are what the machine end user interacts with while using the machine.

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