Comparison and Contrast between Dante Alegery and Goethe

This paper is extremely important. It is a comparison and contrast between Dante and Goethe. The literary selections are “The Divine Comedy” (Dante) and Faust (Goethe). Being more specific with that you only can use are:
From “The Divine Comedy” (Inferno) Canto I, Canto V and Canto XXXIV.
From “Faust” Prologue in Heaven Part I (lines 1-4530).
The reason is because in class the professor review just those parts mentioned above and he wants us to use just those parts of literary selections. The source should be RELIABLE the check that. The sources of the quotes will be from my book as reference in the word cited. This paper have four sources adding my book will be five sources. The idea is to choose one part from one literature and And compare and contrast with the other making narrow and more specific the paper.
could you link the story of Francesca in Canto V (Dante) and Margaret (Goethe)?………


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