Closing the Gap: Prime Minister Report 2015


  1. State whether you ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with statements below and briefly explain why? (100 words per answer or 400 words in total, 40 marks)

-The history of colonialism is to be blamed for the relatively high rates of absolute poverty and the lack of development in the    developing world.

-The dependency theory is an antithesis to the modernization hypothesis.

-GDP per capita is NOT a good indicator of development progress.

-In most cases, structural transformation from agriculture to industry is a prerequisite for achieving higher level of development.


  1. Compare and contrast the problem of poverty in developed countries, such as Australia, and poverty in developing countries, such as countries in Sub Saharan Africa or South Asia. (200 words, 30 marks)


  1. Please read carefully the Closing the Gap: Prime Minister Report 2015. Discuss how and why the capability approach is used in the report. (200 words, 30 marks)


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