Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a branch in psychiatry that includes the assistance and evaluation of abnormal behavior, mental illness and relieving psychological illness. It combines psychological studies and clinical and knowledge to treat complex problems. The job of a clinical psychologist is to channel the evaluation and development, supervision and teaching, public policy and research and other activities like professional practice. This means that they work with individuals, families, individuals, organizations and institutions. Practitioners usually work with a team of health professionals, social workers, and medical practitioners. The job of a clinical psychologist is not the same as that of a psychiatrist.

Understanding Clinical Psychology

The goal of the psychologist is the same as that of the psychiatrist, but with a different approach and training. The major difference is that the psychiatrist uses a medical model for assessing psychological issues, which means they see patients as people who have an illness. They will prescribe medication, but the forensic psychologist will not do it. Clinical psychologists primarily handle patients with recognized problems, treating anxiety, depression, and mental and emotional disturbances. Their approach lies in evaluating the overall mental status of the individual and determination of the conditions that might influence the patient.

Clinical psychologists mainly conduct psychoanalysis for relieving distress. In these sessions, the problems that are experienced by the patients are evaluated in an atmosphere they are comfortable in. The job of the clinical psychologist is to provide the patient with means for handling various kinds of problems like anxiety, stress and other disorders. This is a means which is different from forensic psychology. Forensic psychology is about a psychological assessment in legal situations while clinical psychology treatment and assesses the diagnosis of psychological dysfunction. The task of the forensic psychologist is to perform duties that are within the criminal justice system and act accordingly.

The job of the clinical psychologists is not to help the legal or judiciary system, but to assess the patient. If you are keen to practice any form of psychology, you must have a qualified degree from an accredited university. The job of the clinical psychologist is more research oriented and based on the treatment of the patients. If you know of someone with a psychological problem, it is best to see a psychologist for the purpose. This will help them in getting rid of your problem and life a life of health and happiness.


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