Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading
cause of cancer death in women worldwide (ACS, 2006b). In developing countries, cervical
cancer is the leading cause of cancer death (Ferlay, Bray, Pisani, & Parkin, 2004). Over 83%
of new cervical cancer cases and deaths occur in the developing part of the world,
including 68,000 cases in Africa, 77,000 in Latin America, and 245,000 in Asia (ACS,
2006b; Howson, Harrison, & Law, 1996). Although developing nations are reporting
increasing cervical cancer rates, most developed countries have reported a decline in cervical
cancer incidence and mortality in the last 3Dyears (WHO, 2003b). This decline suggests
that the cervical cancer burden could also be reduced worldwide by applying current
knowledge (Ponten, Adami, Bergstrom, Dillner, Friberg, Gustafsson, et al., 1995).


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