Describe four software maintenance types

It has been argued that the software crisis led to the birth of the software engineering discipline in the late 1960s. What is software crisis

There are still many software experts who are of the opinion that the software crisis is not over yet. 
Do you concur with this opinion? 

With suitable examples, distinguish between software processes and software process models.

A university clerk needs to check the number of foreign students in the university.

All university students are registered in a three tier web based database. This means that the clerk has to type his search request at the html form, then click submit button. The submit click event forwards the request
to a middle level application (e.g JavaServlet), which in turn forwards the request to a database. The database sends a reply back to the middle level application, which in turn forwards the reply back to the clerk. Represent this interaction using a state transition diagram. 

 Distinguish between the following:  

i. User requirements and system requirements 

ii. Domain requirements and non-functional requirements. 

You recently went to interview some administrative staff in an effort to extract requirements on how they want the oncoming university website to look like. One staff member gave a requirement that “we want the homepage of our website to be nicely done”. Identify some of the problems with this user requirement? 

Describe some of the challenges you are likely to encounter when eliciting domain requirements in the medical profession. 


According to Abraham Maslow it is difficult to reach self-actualization

 Explain with three examples the concept cognitive processes.

Explain with an example in each case the following
(i) Vicarious reinforcement

(ii) Secondary reinforcement

(iii) Extrinsic motives

Explain why according to Abraham Maslow it is difficult to reach self-actualization

Describe the structure of personality according to Sigmund Freud

Explain the relevance of psychology to education

Using a classroom example explain the components of an attitude

Explain how the process of memory takes place when the learner is in class

 With an example from a school situation, explain Albert Baidura social learning theory

Explain the exchange theory of interpersonal attraction

Explain how selective attention influences a person”s perception in class

Using three examples, explain the concept memory aids


Give an overview of the distance vector method of updating routing table information. In particular explain using an example how information about a node failure propagates using this algorithms

a. The following are devices commonly used in setting up a network; shielded twisted pair (UTP)
cables, network interface card (NIC), hubs repeaters, bridges, switches, routers and access point.
Sketch a network diagram that makes use of all the devices. Briefly explain the function of each
and at what layer of the open systems interconnection (OSI) reference model each device
functions. (10 Marks)
b. Give an overview of the distance vector method of updating routing table information. In
particular explain using an example how information about a node failure propagates using this
algorithms. (6 Marks)
c. Describe the following terms as used in data flow control. (4 Marks)
i. Jitter
ii. Delay






Internal control system on procurement.

Auditors should form an opinion on the adequacy of the accounting treatment of an inherent uncertainty disclosed in the financial statements of a company.

i) What is meant by the term “inherent uncertainty”?
ii) Explain the treatment of inherent uncertainties in the auditor’s report.

b) Summarize the principal contents of a statement of directors’ responsibilities to be included in financial statements.

c) Explain the steps an auditor should take if he concludes that the client has made a departure from an accounting standard in the preparation of the financial statements.

Coles supermarkets

‘ Coles supermarkets’

‘How the mighty have risen: a Chinese perspective on organizational change’

Both are in the textbook (Graetz, F., Rimmer, M., Smith, A. and Lawrence, A. 2011. Managing Organisational Change, Third Australasian edition. John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Qld).

  1. Using the cultural web analysis described on pages 63 to 64 of the textbook answer the following questions:
  1. a. Draw on each of the elements of the cultural web to discuss how the culture at Coles has changed and evolved through Ian McLeod’s leadership.
  1. b. Based on your cultural web audit, identify the key forces for and against change.
  1. c. What are intended to be the key strengths of the new culture?
  1. d. What aspects of Coles need to be monitored and sustained to ensure does not revert back to its old ways?
  1. e. Are there similarities or differences between the change experience of Coles and the changes to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China?


Medical marijuana in the United States

How does medical marijuana pose a threat to increase drug use in the United States?


During this course, you are required to compose an original 8-page research paper that addresses a social problem and investigates possible solutions for the problem.

The paper should include at least 5 scholarly sources and should be formatted in APA style.

Throughout the course, you will submit various parts of the paper.

Annotated Bibliography:

The annotated bibliography will help to ensure that you use concrete evidence for your research paper. In order to create this annotated bibliography, you must find 5 scholarly sources that you plan to use in your paper. Each of your sources should be scholarly and published within the last 5 years. Remember that you can use the article you found for your article review as one of your sources. Try to organize your annotations by topic; this will be helpful to you when you compose your paper. Your bibliography will be graded based on its adherence to the rubric attached above, as well as to the guidelines explained in the APA manual.

For each entry–or source–on your annotated bibliography, you should:
• Summarize the main idea in two to four sentences.
• Relate the material found in the source to your research topic using an additional one to two sentences
• Add quotes that you may want to use in your final paper.
• Evaluate the background of the author and the intended audience.
• Point out the source’s potential usefulness to your research.

Here is one resource that needs to be used.

Nussbaum, A. M., Thurstone, C., McGarry, L., Walker, B., & Sabel, A. L. (2015). Use and diversion of medical marijuana among adults admitted to inpatient psychiatry. American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 41(2), 166-172.

Ecologic study

Write 1 page response to the following discussion question.

Your response to reflect critical thought based on information from the textbook and from one additional source.

Whenever possible, try to relate the discussion question to your own experiences.

Be sure to appropriately cite and list your references.

Discussion Question: What is an ecologic study? Describe a situation in which an ecologic study might be used. What are some problems with ecologic studies?

Gordis, L. (2014). Epidemiology (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier. ISBN: 978-1-4557-3733-8

Heymann, D.L. (Ed.) (2015). Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (20th ed.). Washington D.C.: American Public Health Association. ISBN: 978-0-8755-3018-5

Marketing Communication Strategy

Analysis of Marketing Communication Strategy


Cult brands nurture myths and rituals and are often based on contradictions in society – examples include iPod/iPhone; Google; Absolut Vodka; Ferrari; Diesel, amongst others. Choose a cult brand and demonstrate its mythic background. Communicating the mythic core of a brand allows for various forms of communication including word-of-mouth and the self-creation of brand myth in brand communities. Develop a brand community platform where consumers and other stakeholders can meet and communicate about the brand.

 Form of presentation: Develop a brand community platform as part of an integrated brand communication strategy.


  1. Objective of Communication

Integrated Brand Communication Strategy for Coca-Cola to bring its consumers all under the one umbrella site for social media to create a community platform for communication.

The use of the existing Coca-Cola Promotion site Coca-Cola Rewards ( and expand it to contain a community program similar to facebook, twitter, instagram to provide an opportunity with the launch of the new product line of “Coke Life”


  1. Target Market

The target of

  • People Enjoying and Sharing Coke,
  • Group Thinking,
  • Fun Times,
  • Look at me! Attitudes
  • Self Promotion
  • Refreshment
  1. Brand Identity & Positioning

Coca-Cola has a very strong brand positioning “Aspiring to be the universal icon of happiness, winning the hearts of every generation, Coca-Cola inspires moments of uplift every day for people around the world.” 1. Recognized all over the world by consumers “Coca-Cola is the leading and most popular soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world” 1.


  1. Evaluation of Choice of Media


  1. Evaluation of Message
    1. Product Attributes – Benefits/ Consequences – Values (end of means model)
    2. Message Strategy ; Elements used to create effective message / persuasion (exciting, engaging, credible, etc.)
    3. Content Relevance
  2. Evaluation of Fit, Brand Identity and Message Strategy

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Academic Probation Dissertation

Academic Probation Dissertation Overview

How is academic probation defined at the selected 2 year institutions?

What academic probation policies are in place at these institutions?

What are these institutions’ procedures and guidelines regarding academic probation?

What criteria must be met for continued enrollment? How is this monitored/enforced?

What are the outcomes of strategies used to support probationary students at these institutions?

Statement of the Problem

A considerable amount of literature about academic probation focus on the variety of student services postsecondary institutions offer students in support of institutional retention efforts and student persistent to graduation. Other academic probation research focus on the factors/characteristics most likely to result in students placed on academic probation. However, there is a significant lack of research that examines the role of academic probation policies and procedures within the context of the community college setting.

Literature Review Outline

  1. Academic Probation Policy

(Credits and cumulative GPA)

  1. Universities
  2. Community Colleges


  1. Academic Probation Procedures & Guidelines

(Notification, Registration Hold, Course Restrictions/Reduced Credits, Advising, etc)

  1. Universities
  2. Community Colleges


  1. Strategies for Supporting Students on Academic Probation

(Counseling and Advising, Academic Skill Workshop, Success Course, etc)

  1. Universities
  2. Community Colleges

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