Business Law Critical Thinking – Violations

Business Law Critical Thinking – Violations
Please see page 636 – Problem 21-8 Business Law Critical Thinking ( I will upload the textbook page)

Please answer the three questions as an individual even though it mentions “groups”

– Format guidelines to write the paper:


Merely copying paragraphs out of the textbook or from the actual case will earn little credit.
In Chapter 1, the point is made that there is often more than one answer to a legal question. Research the questions, watch the videos provided, complete the legal concepts and write about them in a college-level essay format.
Use the APA-style for the paper. Look this up if you don’t know what the style is.

Specific Requirements :
Papers should be a minimum of 750 words (approx. 3 pages) to a maximum of 1,000 words. Use the word count feature in Microsoft Word.
Remember: 750 words is a “minimum effort” and will earn less points that other submission of great depth
Do not use Wikipedia for legal references. Points will be deducted if you do. Use legal texts, journals, resources, our textbook, etc.
References may be footnoted – at the bottom of the page using numbers. Otherwise, just include a Bibliography of references as a separate page. Do not list just webpage addresses. The title of what is being referenced must be shown.
Strong readability (this means correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, written in a research style not as a conversation, etc.)………………………………..

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